Dana Vogelmeier

When consumers do business with your company, that experience reflects the culture of the company.

Is it positive and a good experience customers want to repeat? Or was it unplesant and they won't be back?


With more than 20 years experience, Dana has become an expert on what works well, what doesn't, and why it all matters. She believes if you create the right environment, people will thrive! If employees are thriving, benefits include: 


Happier employees 

Higher productivity

Less sick time

Less managerial problems

Higher profits

Dana earned her Masters Degree with a focus in leadership and has studied under John Maxwell to become a John Maxwell Team member. She is a certified Workplace Culture Specialist through The Culture Works and earned a Certified Professional in Performance Learning designation which specializes in pinpointing performance problems. Additionally, Dana is an experienced speaker, trainer, and coach. 

"I want people to approach their work with enthusiasm, interest, and passion, not with indifference or dread about going into work."

Dana Vogelmeier 

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