Leaving your legacy.

Ever wonder what people will say about you at your going away or retirement party? I do. I hope it’s good things!

I have been to numerous going away parties at work and always pay attention to what people remember about someone who is leaving. Mostly, people share heartwarming or funny stories because they feel good. Seems obvious but really – what they remember was how they felt.

Do people feel good about their interactions with you?

Would you walk across hot coals? I did and here is why...

I needed to get outside my comfort zone and start doing things that scared me. This is what I knew I needed to grow.

I was never very adventurous. I was scared to ride a roller coaster, a motorcycle, conversations with strangers, you name it. But over time, I had to face different situations and do things that I’d rather not.

I had been faced with doing things that were scary and always worked through it. I was faced with leading 350+ people, meeting and learning about as many of them as I could, and being in a new community and without friends on the first day. As I faced this fear for any introvert, I learned that I could do it. It got easier with each interaction.

But I wanted to get better, so I started doing other things that scared me. I started by doing something big. My friend, Lynnette, and I decided to do the FIRE WALK! We attended a Tony Robbins seminar. The first day was very motivating, high energy, thought provoking, and topped off with the fire walking ceremony. It is 8-10 feet across hot coals. How on earth could I do it? It was all the little steps that led up to it. It’s like a frog crossing a pond – it goes from one lily pad to the next – not just one big jump!

Prior to walking across fire, I had joined a very extroverted group – Rotary, opened a restaurant, went zip-lining, started public speaking about my passions, and then eventually participated in a fire walk with 7000 other people!

I learned that after conquering some fears, I felt like I could do anything! I'm getting more brave with every day!

What steps do you need to take to "walk across your fire?"

What Do People Love About Work?

I love being challenged, having fun with intelligent, hard-working, creative people, and learning new trades and skills. Rewards are nice, but for me, rewards without those things are short-lived when it comes to remaining invested in my job.

There are numerous studies on this topic, but they all center around a few things:

  • People want to feel like they matter. They want to be noticed, valued, and appreciated for what they do. Does anyone even care that I am here?
  • They want work that is challenging and that they can manage.  I want to feel competent and confident in the work that I do.
  • They want to feel like they are a part of the team. I like my team, they feel like my family.
  • They want their basic needs to be met, like pay and safety; however, there is a little more than that. They want the opportunity to self-actualize.  I want to work at my best!

In addition to the basics, people are as unique as their thumb prints. So, different things will ignite the fire in the belly for each person. Find out what works for you and chase after it!


V as in Victory

We’re off! Welcome to the Vogelmeier Consulting blog – I’m Dana Vogelmeier. I’m thrilled to launch my business (and blog) that focuses on real people, real development, and real growth in the workplace. Every organization needs a strong, healthy workplace culture and climate. I can help you get there. V as in Vogelmeier Consulting.

I have worked in some excellent work environments and I have experienced the feeling of looking forward to work each day. I want that for others. I have made that happen for others and I’m ready to do it again and again and again. V as in voracious.

My personal coach recently said to me “For every day that you don’t provide help, there are people who don’t look forward to going to work. You need to change that.” This pushed me to finally launch Vogelmeier Consulting. I know what employees value and I know how to create a culture that leaves them happy, inspired, and thriving. V as in value.

There are a lot of new things happening right now. New business, new clients, new website…and a new logo. The Vogelmeier Consulting logo holds symbolism in many forms. The black line in the shape of a W symbolizes a mountain and the challenges one must face when working toward their goals. It also stands for workforce, which is being upheld by the V, or Vogelmeier Consulting. We’re ready to help you and your team create a thriving workplace with winning employees who love coming to work. V as in Victory!

With that being said, let’s get started on creating a successful work environment for employers and employees alike!