Thanks for the Lessons 2018; Bring it on 2019!

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time that we think about year-end reviews. Ask yourself, did I accomplish all I wanted to? What feedback will my boss have? What do I want to do differently in 2019?

For me, 2018 was a wonderful year of transition. I left my corporate job after 33 years and started a business on my own. I moved back to my hometown and began to live my dream job of helping leaders and employees be happier at work.

I was driven by how great some of my experiences in the workplace had been throughout my career. I was also inspired, however, by some of my experiences that were less than great. When they weren’t great, I had to force myself into the office – but when they were great, I loved going to work. That’s so important to me – for people to really love going to work. 

This year, as I was setting my business goals and creating my 2019 plan. This year, it’s all on me. I am my own employer, and business success is all on me. It’s a little scary, but more than that, it’s exhilarating! (That last part is said in a sing-song voice!)

Take time to reflect on 2018 and figure out what you want to work on in the new year. Set goals, make plans, and write them down. Keep them visible and set time to check in with yourself. Don’t wait for your boss to do it – do it on your own. You will start creating deeper ownership of your success at work, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will prepare for you for anything!

Bye 2018!

Honest Networking

It is so important to network. My mantra for the last year has been “Skills UP and Network WIDE!” You may find yourself needing a network and not having one. More importantly, you may have a connection that can help others. The best feelings come from helping others.

My networking has evolved over the years because I put my focus in areas I love. I love Rotary International, working in my community, nurturing friendships I cherish, connecting with other learning professionals primarily through The Association of Talent Development, and building relationships with my new neighbors. It is amazing how these worlds collide sometimes, too! I can help others get what they need or want by connecting them with other people in my groups! This is what I call honest networking.

It is different from showing up somewhere hoping to get new business or a job. It’s not what you can get out of it. You start with what you love. The connections will come organically.

Network wide!

jmt 6.JPG

People Quit

"The employer generally gets the employees they deserve."  J. Paul Getty

I could not agree more!

People quit for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

1. Lack of meaningful work.

2. No recognition.

3. No relationships are established.

4. No one is listening.

5. Everyone is going through the motions.

We all want more than that. Are you doing all you can to have a lifetime of work that you enjoyed and creating a work environment that people enjoy?

#workplaceculturematters #effectiveleadership #happyworkplace

The meeting before the meeting, and the meeting before that.

Have you ever heard of the ‘meeting before the meeting?’ What does that mean?

It is about preparing how you/your team will effectively communicate to a larger audience. You must think about what it is you are going to say, anticipate what questions they may have, what is the goal or expected outcome of this meeting. Think first about what you want to come out of this meeting. Then think about what you need to communicate to get that good outcome. 

But think about this: what happens even before those meetings?

Each meeting participant has a reputation.

·If you are delivering the message, are you credible on this topic? Or do you need a partner with credibility on this topic so your message will be received as you intend.

If your receivers are known to be inquisitive – be prepared; if they will be concerned about employee impacts – be prepared; if they will be concerned about the environment – be prepared; the numbers – be prepared.

Bottom line: Get to know people, build a network and strong relationships. This will help you be more successful in your messaging and getting a ‘YES’ when you need one!

Feedback to Feedforward

Giving feedback can be difficult but it is important to do. It’s necessary for the receiver if they want to move forward.

As a receiver of feedback, remember that there is always something that you can learn from this even if you don’t want to believe it. Someone is perceiving you or has observed you in a certain way. 

Don’t punish the person giving the feedback. Reflect on what you heard and put yourself in the position of the giver. If you really want to move forward, you will receive it in an appropriate way so you’ll continue to get good feedback.

Giving good feedback is a gift to the receiver. If you are a receiver of this gift, accept it with grace.

Profits go up & companies expand...

Company executives talk to their employees about profits, reducing expenses, and what each person can do. Some people wonder why because they think "I can't make a difference here or profits don't matter to me." But they can and it does matter. If your company is profitable, that means there is money available for raises and expansion. 

When companies expand, that means more opportunity for people in the company and more jobs for people outside the company. When more people are employed, there are more taxes going into the tax system. That pays for schools, bridges, roads, parks, police/fire, and many more services.

More jobs and money also means more money being spent in your community so there are more things to do and places to go.

Ultimately, it means everyone wins! Consider how you can contribute!

Leaving your legacy.

Ever wonder what people will say about you at your going away party or your retirement party? I do. I hope it’s good things!

I have been to numerous going away parties at work and always pay attention to what people remember about someone who is leaving. Mostly, people share heartwarming or funny stories because they remember feeling good. Seems obvious but really – what they remember was how they felt.

Do people feel good about their interactions with you?

Would you walk across hot coals? I did and here is why...


Do you consider yourself to be adventurous? Not me. I’ve never been very adventurous. Riding roller coasters, hopping on the back of a motorcycle, starting a conversation with a strangers -- no thank you.

But over time, I couldn’t just say no to every uncomfortable or scary situation.  I came to the realization that in order to grow,

I was faced with leading 350+ people, meeting and learning about as many of them as I could, and being in a new community and without friends on the first day. As I faced this fear, which for any introvert is as scary as going 100 mph on the back of a motorcycle, I learned that I could do it. And it got easier with each interaction.

I began to feel braver while realizing that pushing my comfort zone would help me grow as a person and as a leader. I started doing other things that scared me. I started big! My friend, Lynnette, and I decided to do the FIRE WALK!

 We attended a Tony Robbins seminar. The first day was very motivating, high energy, thought- provoking, and ended with the fire walking ceremony. I stared at 10-feet of red hot coals. How on earth was I going to do this? I needed to take one little step first, then another, and then another. It’s like a frog crossing a pond – it goes from one lily pad to the next. I was not going to be able to jump over the coals in a single jump!

Prior to walking across fire, I had joined a very extroverted group – Rotary, opened a restaurant, went zip-lining, started public speaking about my passions, and then eventually participated in a fire walk with 7,000 other people!

I learned that after conquering some fears, I felt like I could do anything! I'm getting more brave with every day!

What steps do you need to take to "walk across your fire?"


What Do People Love About Work?

I love being challenged, having fun with intelligent, hard-working, creative people, and learning new trades and skills. Rewards are nice, but for me, rewards without those things are short-lived when it comes to remaining invested in my job.

There are numerous studies on this topic, but they all center around a few things:

  • People want to feel like they matter. They want to be noticed, valued, and appreciated for what they do. Does anyone even care that I am here?
  • They want work that is challenging and that they can manage.  I want to feel competent and confident in the work that I do.
  • They want to feel like they are a part of the team. I like my team, they feel like my family.
  • They want their basic needs to be met, like pay and safety; however, there is a little more than that. They want the opportunity to self-actualize.  I want to work at my best!

In addition to the basics, people are as unique as their thumb prints. So, different things will ignite the fire in the belly for each person. Find out what works for you and chase after it!


V as in Victory

We’re off! Welcome to the Vogelmeier Consulting blog – I’m Dana Vogelmeier. I’m thrilled to launch my business (and blog) that focuses on real people, real development, and real growth in the workplace. Every organization needs a strong, healthy workplace culture and climate. I can help you get there. V as in Vogelmeier Consulting.

I have worked in some excellent work environments and I have experienced the feeling of looking forward to work each day. I want that for others. I have made that happen for others and I’m ready to do it again and again and again. V as in voracious.

My personal coach recently said to me “For every day that you don’t provide help, there are people who don’t look forward to going to work. You need to change that.” This pushed me to finally launch Vogelmeier Consulting. I know what employees value and I know how to create a culture that leaves them happy, inspired, and thriving. V as in value.

There are a lot of new things happening right now. New business, new clients, new website…and a new logo. The Vogelmeier Consulting logo holds symbolism in many forms. The black line in the shape of a W symbolizes a mountain and the challenges one must face when working toward their goals. It also stands for workforce, which is being upheld by the V, or Vogelmeier Consulting. We’re ready to help you and your team create a thriving workplace with winning employees who love coming to work. V as in Victory!

With that being said, let’s get started on creating a successful work environment for employers and employees alike!