Are you looking to move up?

What is holding you back?

Need help interviewing?

Need help figuring out what it is that is holding you back?

Are you getting along with everyone? Making connections with the right people? Do the things that get you noticed in the right way not the wrong way. Learn what are Opportunity Blockers!

Duration and frequency of one-on-one sessions will vary according to the client’s individual needs. Possibilities include: 

  • Visioning session

  • Resume and/or interview preparation

  • One hour consultations with a DISC assessment or in-depth recurring sessions

Step one is to learn about yourself with a DISC Assessment. It is a discovery tool for individuals and will strengthen your ability to effectively communicate, build stronger relationships, and achieve your dreams.

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"Like any great coach, Dana reminds us of the things we know lead to success, but somehow got away from. I'm grateful for the times her message has led me back to a better path! " — Ryan O'Connell., Assistant Vice President and Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor

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