Leaders Create the Culture of the Organization

Who is it for? Leaders in the workplace. Especially if you are not getting the results you want.

What will it do? Dana has helped teams improve! One team moved 30% on an employee survey

as a result of intentional conversations and programs specifically designed to

improve the work environment! 


   Boost your Employee Engagement with a tailored program to fit your needs. 

Employees want to work for a purpose, feel valued, and have rewarding work. They want to feel safe, cared for, have friends, and be confident and competent in the work that they do.

 They want to matter.

Let's talk about how to create a work environment that your people LOVE!

Dana utilizes programs and research from The Culture Works® who teamed up with research giant Towers Watson and created a 300,000 person study. The data reveals that employees in high-performance organizations produce more impressive results. They have higher morale, productivity, and in turn the company outperforms their competitors.

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