Training & Consulting


Boost Employee Engagement with a tailored program to fit your needs. 

People will do incredible work for you when they have their needs met.

Are they being appreciated and valued?

Do they know their work has meaning and what the company is trying to accomplish? Or how you/they are impacting the customer and world? 

Are they utilizing their skills, being recognized, and thanked?

Team leaders, business owners or individual leaders can help their employees become more engaged in their work environment. When they do - it pays off for everyone!

Nobody wants to be sad or depressed because of work.

Help your employees by creating the environment where they want to be!


Improve Workplace Culture with the What Motivates Me and All In® programs created by The Culture Works® 

Employees in high-performance organizations are engaged, enabled, and energized which leads to astonishing results!

Vogelmeier Consulting can help any leader/team create a high-achieving culture for their teams. These programs can be presented during a one day program and includes a simple 7-step road map that managers can easily follow, or smaller versions if needed.

Dana will help you gain insight into current issues in the workplace and use the most current data available on corporate culture to: 

  • Identify your burning platform
  • Identify current situations and how to improve your situations
  • Determine how to change the culture to create successful outcomes
  • Optional individual assessments can be done: 
    • A step-by-step method to identify your individual blend of core motivators 
    • A process to figure out the disconnect that may exist between passions and current work situations
    • 60 simple but powerful job-sculpting strategies to help employees accomplish more in the workplace
    • These assessments are GREAT FOR DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS THAT ARE WORKING TOGETHER. Find ways to make them FUNctional!

These programs were created when The Culture Works® teamed up with research giant Towers Watson and created a 300,000 person study conducted during the recession. The data reveals that employees in high-performance organizations produce more impressive results. These organizations have average annual operating revenues three times higher than their peers. Dana is a passionate believer in creating a great work environment and with the All In® program, that is what you will get.

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