6 Ways to Differentiate your Organization through Employee Engagement

Think about the difference between a toxic environment and a thriving one. You may notice it when choosing where to shop or where to eat, and it’s especially important when you think about where you work. You can tell when a business is well-run because the building is clean and the people are friendly. The atmosphere is positive and the service is excellent. It’s where customers like to shop and will return! It the employees do not care, do not greet the customer, are not helpful – customers will NOT return!

The people in an organization are often a reflection of the leadership and the environment. Disengaged employees are a sign that the leaders do not demand accountability. On the flip side, when leaders are committed to helping their employees, those employees in turn provide better service to the customers.

Think about things you can do to increase engagement. Here are a few ideas:
·         Recognize and reward employees

·         Communicate often and check for clarity

·         Be flexible when personal issues arise – Life happens!

·         Have fun and celebrate successes

·         Explain why you are in business and why they are important to the company’s success. 

Employee engagement is a game changer, yet many companies don’t focus on it intentionally. Those that do often sit among the top-rated companies in their industry or the top-rated teams in their company. It is well documented that companies with highly engaged employees have less turnover, fewer complaints, and higher productivity, and more profitability.

Though it can be challenging to implement new practices at first, the work will be well worth the reward. Your employees (and customers) with thank you.

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