Honest Networking

It is so important to network. My mantra for the last year has been “Skills UP and Network WIDE!” You may find yourself needing a network and not having one. More importantly, you may have a connection that can help others. The best feelings come from helping others.

My networking has evolved over the years because I put my focus in areas I love. I love Rotary International, working in my community, nurturing friendships I cherish, connecting with other learning professionals primarily through The Association of Talent Development, and building relationships with my new neighbors. It is amazing how these worlds collide sometimes, too! I can help others get what they need or want by connecting them with other people in my groups! This is what I call honest networking.

It is different from showing up somewhere hoping to get new business or a job. It’s not what you can get out of it. You start with what you love. The connections will come organically.

Network wide!

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