Leaders Look Different: 3 Ways to Spot a Good Leader

Have you ever had a bad leader? I imagine you have. I have, too. I’ve also had great leaders and good leaders. Great leaders inspire us to do great work, we’re innovative, and more productive! Bad leaders inspire us to leave.

There are many things that make a leader great. Here are three to consider today:

1.       Do they listen well and connect with you? Great leaders will want to hear your thoughts and ideas about work, what’s going on in your life, and what are your career aspirations. When they hear your answers, they will work to help you.

2.       Does your leader keep you in the know? Or are you looking for answers, surprised by things that others are working on, or surprised about a new product launch, new office, or anything? Great leaders communicate effectively all the things their team members need to know and explain WHY they need to know. How does this connect to the person? This helps people feel part of something bigger than just their role.

3.       Do they root for you? Do they make it known what you do well and where you might be a good fit for a future role? Do they sing your praises to others? I had that in one leader and it really felt good to have a cheerleader (also known as a sponsor).

Take a look at your leadership and determine if things are great or could be better.


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