The meeting before the meeting, and the meeting before that.

Have you ever heard of the ‘meeting before the meeting?’ What does that mean?

It is about preparing how you/your team will effectively communicate to a larger audience. You must think about what it is you are going to say, anticipate what questions they may have, what is the goal or expected outcome of this meeting. Think first about what you want to come out of this meeting. Then think about what you need to communicate to get that good outcome. 

But think about this: what happens even before those meetings?

Each meeting participant has a reputation.

·If you are delivering the message, are you credible on this topic? Or do you need a partner with credibility on this topic so your message will be received as you intend.

If your receivers are known to be inquisitive – be prepared; if they will be concerned about employee impacts – be prepared; if they will be concerned about the environment – be prepared; the numbers – be prepared.

Bottom line: Get to know people, build a network and strong relationships. This will help you be more successful in your messaging and getting a ‘YES’ when you need one!

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