The Power of an Honest Conversation

Have you ever worked with someone and you and everyone else could see the error of their ways, but they couldn’t? I have and if you’re like me you think “I should have an honest conversation with them.”

One in particular was with someone at work that I had a very good relationship with so I approached it with a bit of humor. We were talking about some things that didn’t go as she had hoped in her recent work. I asked why she thought that was. She couldn’t really articulate it.

I said, “When you begin in the meeting you say something like ‘This is what we should do’ and you never bothered to socialize it with anyone before you just throw it out to the larger group to react to.” She said “Yes, why does that matter?” I said, “To quote Dr. Phil: How’s that working you?”

It wasn’t. Having that honest conversation with her, a little coaching, helped her change her approach. It changed things for her.

I am grateful to those that did it for me and love to see how it helps others when I do it for them.

Have you had an honest conversation that can help someone? Try it.

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