V as in Victory

We’re off! Welcome to the Vogelmeier Consulting blog – I’m Dana Vogelmeier. I’m thrilled to launch my business (and blog) that focuses on real people, real development, and real growth in the workplace. Every organization needs a strong, healthy workplace culture and climate. I can help you get there. V as in Vogelmeier Consulting.

I have worked in some excellent work environments and I have experienced the feeling of looking forward to work each day. I want that for others. I have made that happen for others and I’m ready to do it again and again and again. V as in voracious.

My personal coach recently said to me “For every day that you don’t provide help, there are people who don’t look forward to going to work. You need to change that.” This pushed me to finally launch Vogelmeier Consulting. I know what employees value and I know how to create a culture that leaves them happy, inspired, and thriving. V as in value.

There are a lot of new things happening right now. New business, new clients, new website…and a new logo. The Vogelmeier Consulting logo holds symbolism in many forms. The black line in the shape of a W symbolizes a mountain and the challenges one must face when working toward their goals. It also stands for workforce, which is being upheld by the V, or Vogelmeier Consulting. We’re ready to help you and your team create a thriving workplace with winning employees who love coming to work. V as in Victory!

With that being said, let’s get started on creating a successful work environment for employers and employees alike!

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