Virtual Engagement: 3 Strategies for Leaders to Maintain Engagement

3. Know when to recognize, reward, learn, and have fun as a team.

A little levity can go a long way when you are having meeting after meeting so mix it up with some fun activities in your online meetings.

Send a small gift or a funny postcard to your team members. A nice snail mail surprise is always fun and can really brighten someone’s day!

Recognize an individual when they have good performance. People are unique in how they want to be recognized so be sure to know what they like. It is in person one on one or front of the team? While you are virtual, take every opportunity no matter how small. Hearing your boss say “good job” or “thank you” feels good.

Ask the team or colleagues for ideas to keep mixing up the meetings and avoid monotony in a standard team agenda. Ask someone else to lead a portion of the agenda or lead an entire meeting. Hearing different voices in the meeting helps make it easier to listen and is much more engaging.

Be sure to include time to learn and grow. According to The Gallup Organization,

• Nearly nine in 10 millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job.

• “Career growth opportunities” is the No. 1 reason people give for changing jobs!

The leader sets the tone for the team. If you yourself are feeling drained, it can be difficult to be the positive, engaged leader that the team needs. Find the right boost or outlet you need to keep yourself energized and ready to lead. It may be a positive podcast, a walk, exercise, or talking with a friend. Staying engaged and optimistic will help you and those around you maintain engagement, high morale, and high productivity.

We’re all feeling the fatigue of Zoom®, Skype®, and Microsoft Teams ®. Sometimes you are “on” all day long. It can be really draining to sit and focus all day when other things are weighing on your mind.

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