Lifelong Learning and your Legacy

When you get into leadership, you are now responsible for other people. Similar to parenting, you become responsible for others. As a leader, you are building your legacy and your reputation every day, sometimes even with the smallest interactions like saying hello.

Use the time and tools provided to develop yourself throughout your entire career. Things will change, new methodologies will appear, and as you learn and grow, you’ll get better at leading people. Plus, you are setting a great example for your team. When they see you continually learning, they will too.

If you get into leadership and find yourself having negative interactions with others or feelings like you are drowning in work with no life raft, seek advice from your leader and/or a mentor. Look for development opportunities that can help you be successful in the role. Look for ways to get organized and be able to get it all done, the people and the tasks. You can develop these soft skills but it will require you dedicate the time. If it is not something that you are willing to take the time to develop, get out. There is no shame in getting out, it is not for everyone and it takes a brave person to admit that it is not for them. It will make you happier and everyone around you happier.

Development could be a variety of options like podcasts, books, mentors, classes, and professional organizations. Think about what you need to develop and find the right resource. You can also hire an external coach if you want to have conversations with someone outside of the organization. This is where you can be more vulnerable about where you feel you are not as good as you could or should be and get guidance.

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