How can you make your job more enriching?

Most jobs will change with some frequency so if you like change – good for you! If you don’t, learn to adapt quickly, because more change is coming.

The amount of change we are experiencing is helping with job enrichment because people don’t have time to get bored! Most employees do not want to do the same thing over and over, day after day, they like some variety and to feel like they are developing their skills.

Some ways to add enrichment could be:
– Shadow someone in another area.
– What skills do you currently have, that are not being utilized, that you could apply to this role?
– How could the team work together to provide people with the type of work they love the most and maybe allocate tasks appropriately. Some people do not like responding to customer emails, others do. Some people do not like working with data and figures, others do. Maybe you can collaborate on ways to share and add enrichment.
– Add temporary assignments for a fresh perspective.
– Some organizations allow opportunities to swap employees from one unit to another for a brief time. This gives two people an opportunity to learn and grow and understand more about the business, too!

Look for things that make it fulfilling. We work 40-50 years in our lifetimes, make it great!

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