People are Quitting in Record Numbers

According to The Atlantic Journal, June 2021, more people quit their jobs in April of 2021 than ever before.

“Why the sudden burst of quitting? One general theory is that we’re living through a fundamental shift in the relationship between employees and bosses that could have profound implications for the future of work. Up and down the income ladder, workers have new reasons to tell their boss to shove it. Lower-wage workers who benefited from enhanced unemployment benefits throughout the pandemic may have returned to the job and realized they’re not being paid enough. Now they’re putting their foot down, forcing restaurants and clothing stores to fork over a higher wage to keep people on staff.” The Atlantic Journal

There is a fundamental shift. I have seen many articles and news stories about how employers cannot get enough help. Those leaders/owners/managers need to evaluate the workplace culture and the value proposition of working for them. An employee thinks to themself, “Hum, I can earn $14.00/hour, barely cover my expenses, and still be unappreciated?” That value proposition is a NO.

However, if leaders can rethink this value proposition and offer employees a workplace where they feel valued and appreciated, are rewarded for a job well done, and create a great atmosphere where people love coming to work, they will retain their people at a higher rate and have better outcomes. Invest in some analysis and development for the leaders, make a change, and realize those results!

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