Leaders: What is the Value Proposition to the Employee?

There are a lot of unfilled positions and people changing jobs right now. More people quit their jobs in April 2021 than any other month in history. It’s no surprise.

People assess their current situation all of the time. And while I tell individuals that, “Everyday is an interview” that is true for the company, too. What is your value proposition to the employee?

First, are you connecting with people? People want to feel valued and cared for as a person, not just someone who is filling the seat.

Second, everyone has workplace needs. When they assess, they ask: is this good pay/benefits, do I feel safe psychologically, do I have friends at work, do I feel competent and confident in my work, and do I have meaning in this work? If not, they are open to looking.

Lastly, there are a lot of options right now and it has been estimated that 92% of employees have looked at other opportunities. We can potentially see a wave of people changes coming. Leaders need to check-in and prepare for this possibility.

We work 40-50 years in our lifetimes. Let’s make it great!

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