Individual Well Being impacts Employee Engagement

The data from Gallup shows that the ups and downs of the employee engagement figures have a direct correlation to the responses people have about the amount of stress in their lives.

People had a lot of stress in 2019. Add to that the stress of the pandemic, the division in the country, and the social justice issues we all experienced in 2020, it makes sense that employee engagement went down.

It is going back up now; however, we also experienced a lot of resignations in April and May so people were looking for something better.

Companies that provide well being options and benefits for their employees will experience better results than those that do not. People will appreciate it and be better employees.

If you’re not sure what to offer, begin with research of what others are doing, survey your employees for what they want, and then search for your providers. This could be through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which will provide you with professionals in this field.

We work 40-50 years in our lifetimes, we should make it great.

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