Integrated Talent Management

I recently facilitated a course from The Association of Talent Development called Integrated Talent Management. The participants were from several different industries and roles in their organizations. That always makes for great discussions.

A few things to consider about integrating:
-Why do it? You can increase your results by aligning your people strategies to your organizational objectives. Everything should work together and be helping to achieve those objectives. If it is not aligned, you should not be doing it.

-Consider how your compensation and rewards structure is aligned to your recruiting and retaining strategies. You can get creative here to get the kind of talent you are trying to attract.

-Consider what the skills are that you will need in the coming years. Will you need AI or VR skills? Tech Stack? Cyber security? Maybe you are expanding to another country and you’ll need people who have knowledge of that area of the world.

-Plan and execute accordingly!

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