Dana Vogelmeier has a passion for wanting people to feel fulfilled at the end of their workday.  

The sad reality of the modern workplace is that many people, leaders and non-leaders alike, dread going to work in the morning and feel drained at the end of the day.

Dana believes that we can create enjoyable and productive work environments where everyone can work well together, where there is mutual respect for each other, and where there is feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment for everyone. Most people in the workforce will dedicate 40-50 years of their lifetime working. They should enjoy it! 

“I want people to approach their work with enthusiasm, interest, and passion, not with indifference or dread about going into work.”

– Dana Vogelmeier, CPTD

About Dana Vogelmeier

Her 33 years of work experience included great teams, great leaders, average teams, average leaders, and yes – even bad teams, and bad leaders. During the times where the environment was miserable, she began to examine why. What made great experiences so great and the bad ones so bad? Then she began making employee engagement a top priority for her own teams. 

She is proud of having great employee opinion scores and she helped one department of 1800 people move their scores from below average in the organization to above average (30% points over a three-year period). 

Dana has a masters degree in Leadership, holds the designation of Certified Professional in Performance and Learning (CPLP) and is a facilitator for The Association of Talent Development. She is actively involved at the local and national level with the Association of Talent Development and with Rotary International. 

Dana Vogelmeier at TedxNormal

Everyone deserves a dream job and to work in an engaging environment! If we are all operating at a higher awareness level, we treat each other differently. That behavior will spread like a pebble thrown in the pond!  Watch Dana’s 9 minute video with her at Ted-X then check out all the other events Dana has enlivened with her amazing expertise and contagious positive attitude.

Dana earned her Masters Degree with a focus in leadership and has studied under John Maxwell to become a John Maxwell Team member. She is a certified Workplace Culture Specialist through The Culture Works and earned a Certified Professional in Performance Learning designation which specializes in pinpointing performance problems.

With more than 20 years experience, Dana has become an expert on what works well, what doesn’t, and why it all matters. Additionally, Dana is an experienced speaker, trainer, and coach.