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Integrated Talent Management

I recently facilitated a course from The Association of Talent Development called Integrated Talent Management. The participants were from several different industries and roles in their organizations. That always makes for great discussions. A few things to consider about integrating:-Why do it? You can increase your results by aligning your people strategies to your organizational […]

Employee Engagement is a Mutual Commitment

“Employee Engagement is an outcome of a mutual commitment between an employee and an organization where the organization is helping the employee meet his/her potential, while the employee is helping the organization be successful. The mutual commitment is the “magic dust” that really drives employee engagement.” This is from the Employee Engagement Group. The mutual […]

Workplace Changes at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is updating their workplace culture to help them retain employees & achieve their diversity goals. Franchises across the U.S. are expected to offer backup child care & other new benefits to help retention and to attract workers.The company is aiming to ????? ?????? ???, ???? ??????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????? ??????? ?????, […]

Leaders: What is the Value Proposition to the Employee?

There are a lot of unfilled positions and people changing jobs right now. More people quit their jobs in April 2021 than any other month in history. It’s no surprise. People assess their current situation all of the time. And while I tell individuals that, “Everyday is an interview” that is true for the company, […]

People are Quitting in Record Numbers

According to The Atlantic Journal, June 2021, more people quit their jobs in April of 2021 than ever before. “Why the sudden burst of quitting? One general theory is that we’re living through a fundamental shift in the relationship between employees and bosses that could have profound implications for the future of work. Up and […]